We are inviting students and scholars to join our research lab. The areas of interest are robotics, reinforcement learning, nonlinear control, and optimization.

Ph.D. Students

Our lab has 2 funded Ph.D. positions available for Spring 2022 and/or Fall 2022.

Necessary Requirements:

  • A Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, robotics, or a related field

  • Excellent programming skills in C++, Python, and MATLAB

  • Strong background in reinforcement learning (RL) and optimization algorithms

  • Strong writing and spoken English skills

  • Hands-on experience and demonstrated research experience (projects and/or publications) in control and robotics


  • Familiarity with one or more of the following topics: machine learning (ML), path/motion planning algorithms, model predictive controls (MPCs), and nonlinear control methods

  • Familiarity and experience with physics engines for robotics such as RaiSim and MuJoCo.

  • Familiarity and experience with at least one of the common ML libraries and toolkits such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenAI Gym, etc.

  • Experience in Robot Operating System (ROS)

How to apply:

To apply, please send a single PDF (named "Ph.D. application-your name") of the following documents to vahidazimi@auburn.edu with the subject line "[Ph.D. application]-your name".

  • A cover letter describing your research interests, goal, and how your background fits well (max. 1 page)

  • A detailed CV including your educations, publications, and programming skills

  • Copies of one or two of your relevant scientific papers (if any)

  • University transcripts (unofficial)

Master's/Undergraduate Students

We are excited to work with master's and undergraduate students interested in any of the following areas: robotics, control, optimization, RL, ML, and motion/path planning. There would be huge opportunities to conduct different projects (theory and experiments) and publish technical papers. Applicants need to have high proficiency in programming, i.e., C++, Python, and MATLAB. Hands-on experience and familiarity with control, robotics, and RL would be preferred.

If you are interested in our reaserch, feel free to contact me via email with the subject line "[Master/Undergraduate application]-your name". Please send me a single PDF (named "Master/Undergraduate application-your name") including (i) a cover letter describing your background and research interests (max. 1 page), (ii) your CV, (iii) examples/copies of relevant past projects and papers (if any), and (iii) your transcripts (unofficial).

University's requirements and deadlines

If you are interested in working with me, you should apply to the Auburn University ME graduate program for Spring 2022 and/or Fall 2022 and mention me in your statement. Questions on requirements ad deadlines can be found at ME-Ph.D.-AU.