An extensive set of kinematic and kinetic human gait data for able-bodied and transfemoral amputee subjects (Paper J5)

  • ECSR Lab at the Cleveland State University

  • Motion Studies Laboratory (MSL) at the Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC)

We share a rich gait data set collected from seven subjects, including five able-bodied subjects and two transfemoral amputees. These data include the following gait types.

  • Walking at three different speeds on an instrumented treadmill

  • Walking up and down a 5-degree ramp

  • Stepping up and down from a step

  • Sitting down and standing up from a chair

For walking gait, each subject walked for at least 20 sec in each trial for a total of approximately 1 h and 10 min of walking (> 3600 gait cycles). We provide full-body marker trajectories and ground reaction loads that include 2D joint angles, joint velocities, joint torques, and joint powers. This data set, along with the accompanying MATLAB code for deriving the kinematics and kinetics of the subjects, is publicly available here. The data include 46 distinct measurements and can be useful for validating or generating mathematical models for the simulation of either amputee or able-bodied gait. Make sure to retain the relative path information when extracting the files, and start by reading the extracted "README.TXT" file.

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